Thursday, December 3, 2009

Give to enhance the mind!

Giving enhances the mind, encourages the spirit and enlightens the heart. Giving will even change your body, because you take on a different walk. Giving grudgingly will also bring about change, but in a negative way. Not only will you be changed by your giving, but the person who is acceptable of the giving will be changed also. There are many things that can be given to enhance ones mind. Giving, could just be spending time with someone who is lonely. Giving, could be helping a child with homework. You may want to give clothes to someone, instead of throwing them away. Feeding someone who is hungry is another way that we can give. There are many ways that we can give. It does not have to be money, but money is good too! The giving list goes on and on.
There is enough in this world to go around for everyone. Our Creator made sure of that. And there is nothing new under the sun. If everyone would give we could put an end to so many issues of life.

Poverty (solved)
Homelessness (solved)
Loneliness (solved)
Hunger (solved)

God has given us so much, now we must give to one another. See what it does for your mind. Give, Give, give!